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How We Leverage the Weather for Sports Weather
We help individuals use weather information in making good preparation against increasing weather risks.

Published on Oct 26, 2021

Some of the typical cases in leveraging weather information to maximize performance can be seen in Sports Weather. For example, the marathon is a sport in which participants compete under a variety of weather conditions, including solar radiation, temperature, humidity, wind direction, and wind speed. By analyzing these meteorological conditions and obtaining detailed data in advance, athletes are able to adopt strategies that take advantage of these conditions. Sports weather is also of great value in dealing with the recent increase in the number of guerilla thunderstorms and the growing risk of heat stroke, which directly affects the safety of athletes.

Application Example: Marathon Races
Although the weather itself cannot be changed, athletes can better prepare themselves, ensure their safety, and maximize their performance by knowing the weather beforehand. We hope that with this link with sports--a topic of high interest to many--and the weather, individuals will learn the benefit of and apply weather forecasts to better protect themselves against the weather phenomena that is becoming more and more extreme due to climate change.
Evolution of Sports Weather
With the advancement of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), one can check weather forecasts anytime and anywhere. Weathernews provides highly accurate forecasts by working with a fine resolution. We believe that in order for people to see weather forecasting as an adaptive measure rather than just easily available information, it is important to spark people’s interest in the weather, and then help them see the usefulness of forecasts.