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Allowing More Work from Home for Increased Performance and Diversity
New workstyle options offered to encourage women in the workplace.

Published on Oct 26, 2021

Weathernews consists of more than a thousand staff members with diverse backgrounds and talents--all of which share a desire to help others in times of need from the standpoint of weather and climate. In particular, the number of female staff is increasing every year, and we strive to create a work environment where they can build and enhance their careers despite the transitions in their life stage.

New employees this year
In order to help more women to perform leadership roles, it is important to keep them motivated to continue building and advancing in their careers. We aim to increase opportunities for women to continue pursuing their careers by offering career development training, in-house daycare, and the option of working from home.

In the past, the option to work from home was limited to only a few departments in the group, but by utilizing communication tools and the ICT environment, this will now be extended to help staff choose both career and life--rather than one over the other.
Video conference with staff working from home
We believe that being a company where each staff can maximize their abilities is key to responding to natural disasters and addressing social issues associated with severe weather and climate change.

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