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Fostering Awareness in the Community through Weather Education
Special classes for schools and sports teams

Published on Oct 26, 2021

Meteorological experts teach special classes titled "Leverage the Weather" at all levels of school education, from elementary school to university, with the aim to foster awareness of social issues and raise the next generation of meteorological human resources. Through lectures that introduce the essence of weather forecasting, students can foster an interest in the weather and learn how to utilize weather information. We hope this will encourage students to have a stronger awareness on issues related to climate change and learn how to protect themselves by understanding the value and potential of weather forecasting.

A recent weather lesson took place at Youga Junior High School in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo. We offer similar classes to organizations and sports teams besides schools. Some special summer classes are centered on preventing heat stroke and water accidents, as well as learning about guerrilla thunderstorms, all of which are part of our effort to help improve weather literacy and increase awareness of disaster prevention.

Presentation at Yoga Junior High School, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo--March 2021

Weather classes at a school:
More than one thousand professionals work at Weathernews and share a passion for helping people in regards to weather and climate, the core foundation on which our meteorological services are built. We believe that sparking interest in weather and climate in children will ultimately lead to the next generation of meteorological human resources.

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