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New Partnership with Takenaka Corporation on Climate Change Countermeasures
Sustainable urban development resilient to natural disasters

Published on Nov 01, 2021

In recent years, we see more and more damage related to climate change such as strong tropical cyclones, torrential rains, extremely high air temperatures, and a rise in sea level and water temperature in various parts of the world, and the situation is expected to become even more serious year after year.

It is essential for citizens, businesses, governments, and various organizations to work together to address this major issue. We signed agreements with Nasushiobara City in Tochigi Prefecture and Chiba City to promote measures against climate change to create sustainable communities where people can live securely for 100 years to come.

Additionally, in September 2021, we concluded a partnership with Takenaka Corporation based on a common objective to ”build sustainable communities”. Through development of technology and design that is adaptable to climate change, we aim to help the construction of buildings and communities that are safe, sustainable, and capable of enduring disaster.

We believe that by creating value together with our supporters--customers, shareholders, and partners--around the world, we can do more beyond daily weather forecasting to help find solutions against climate change and severe disasters.

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