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Conclusion of "Agreement on Mutual Cooperation in Times of Natural Disaster" with NTT East
Contributing to the community lifeline to protect the livelihoods of local businesses and people

Published on Nov 01, 2021

In response to the rising cases of weather-related disasters in recent years, Weathernews and NTT East have concluded an "Agreement on Mutual Cooperation in the Event of Disasters" for the purpose of early recovery from natural disasters.

NTT East has a disaster prevention operations plan aimed at contributing to the execution of efficient and appropriate disaster countermeasures, while Weathernews operates with our initial mission "to help in times of need”. These two companies will work together to provide support to disaster-affected areas.

By identifying and sharing the risks of natural disasters promptly through weather and climate forecasts, we aim to protect people's livelihoods and property, as well as the economic activities of companies. Hand in hand with our business customers and supporters, we will help build communities that can withstand natural disasters.

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