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Meteorology Courses for Local High School Students Interested in Weather and Climate
Creating the Next Generation of Weather Professionals

Published on Oct 18, 2022

Weathernews holds special classes for students taught by weather specialists with the aim of fostering awareness of social issues and creating the next generation of weather human resources.

In March 2022, Weathernews' weather specialists will participate in the Science Top Seminar planned for science and mathematics students at a local high school in Chiba Prefecture, where the company's head office is located, and gave an online lecture on the theme of Forecasting Guerrilla Thunderstorms - An Approach that Made the Impossible Possible.

The features of guerrilla thunderstorms and their forecasting methods were explained, using the characteristics of the torrential rainfall that occurred in Mobara City, the location of the high school where the lecture was given, as a case study. After the lecture, we received numerous questions not only about the characteristics of clouds and how they form, but also about Weathernews' business activities, deepening the students' understanding of weather services.

Remote Lecture

Weathernews employs over a thousand staff members, and as a private weather company, we are a group of people who have a passion for weather and climate. The foundation of our weather services is the passion of all our staff, and we believe that our efforts to improve weather and climate literacy among students will help create the next generation of weather professionals.

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