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Establishment of a workplace environment that preserves and promotes staff health
Health Management Declaration and Certification as a Corporation of Excellent Health Management 2022

Published on Oct 18, 2022

Weathernews believes that in order to put into practice its management philosophy of being of service to others in times of need, it is essential for its staff to be healthy themselves, and is actively supporting and promoting activities to maintain and promote staff health. In March 2022, we were recognized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Japan Health Council as an Excellent Health Management Corporation 2022 (Large Corporation Category).

For staff health management, the Human Resources Department (HR-Center) and the Health Committee (PIT IN SPOT and industrial physicians) work together to promote activities. The health status of staff and the implementation status of each measure are reported to the Board of Directors through the Scoring Committee (held monthly), which checks the status of compliance with internal rules and laws from the viewpoint of internal control, to ensure continuous improvement of health management.
Organizational Chart of Health Management

The PIT IN SPOT has been established as a function to support the self-management of each staff member's health, and promotes the creation of a workplace environment where employees can work in good health through consultations on physical and mental health and working styles, and through circle activities such as sports and cross-cultural exchange with workmates. We are also promoting the creation of a work environment in which employees can engage in healthy and energetic work.
In-house exchange (Sunset Yoga)

In addition, we are striving to create a work environment where diverse staff members can fully demonstrate their abilities, such as by establishing an in-house nursery school, RAIN KIDS HOUSE to allow staff members raising children to continue their careers with peace of mind.
In-house nursery school ・School childcare "RAIN KIDS HOUSE

Weathernews has a diverse workforce of more than a thousand staff members with a passion for weather and climate and a desire to help people in times of need. We aim to continue to be a company that contributes to the development of a prosperous and healthy society by creating a work environment where diverse human resources can work in a healthy and comfortable manner.

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