Total support for Stable and Economical Supply of Power

Concept of Energy Weather Service

Total support for a stable and economical power supply.


Optimizing balance of energy sources

Balancing energy supply and demand

Protecting power generation facilities

Weather Phenomena Impacts on the Energy Industry


Temperature impacts power demands. Predicting demand is critical for power utility management to plan power production, like in the summer when power demands are high due widespread use of air-conditioning.

Sunlight and Wind

Power production from solar panels and wind turbines depending on sunlight and wind speeds. It is critical for grid operators to know the weather forecast in order maintain a stable power supply by increasing or decreasing the contribution of solar and wind power production. Power companies to also need to be able to predict the output from solar panels and wind turbines in order to reduce costs and increase profits.

Snow and Ice

Snow and ice accumulating on power cables weighs them down, and can cause them to sever or even collapse, resulting in damage to the surrounding property.


Power supply and demand planning support

Using power demand prediction and power forecasting for solar panels and wind turbines, we support customer decision making to achieve the optimum mix for stable power production.


Optimal Power Sales Planning Support

We support PPS and IPP application for accurate power production prediction for grid operator in order to maximize their profit.


Damage Mitigation and Quick Recovery Support

Our years of experience forecasting snow and ice for transportation businesses is now available for power companies to aid dispatch of maintenance teams to quickly repair power cables and other facilities essential to the power grid in order to minimize loss and damage from weather-related accidents.