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Total Road Risk Management Service

Service Concept

Roads are fundamental transportation infrastructure. Of course many people depend on these arteries, but in case of disasters, emergency vehicles must be given priority and transportation by logistics and distribution companies. Also, drivers touring on holiday need information for safe access to roads. In order to avoid the risks of accidents in port weather conditions, and avoid traffic congestion, Weathernews’ Road Management Team is striving to provide weather information to highway management and motorists so they can consider the best response measures against inconvenient weather.

For Authority

The biggest risks that highway road managers want to avoid are landslide damage from torrential rains, and guarding against unsafe driving conditions from flooded roads. Studies are done for regional characteristics, and effective use of budget for facilities and operations. Also, in the winter season, it is necessary to prevent roads icing to keeping drivers safe.
While on one hand, the rising cost of road maintenance costs is a critical issue, what’s the most important are effective solutions for life, property and economy. You need to choose the appropriate countermeasure land method like snowplows and de-icing that shows the maximum effectiveness at the critical time.
Weathernews works together with you to quantize road weather risks, and find out best solution.

For Driver

Logistics companies need to keep their delivery schedules same as individual motorists wants to get to their destination on time. Weather risks that become the cause for delays negatively affecting this timing include flooded roads from torrential downpours, as well as icing and heavy snowfall on road surfaces.
These dangerous conditions lead to traffic jams and sometimes traffic accidents. Our innovative pinpoint monitoring and forecasting services address the need for avoiding these situations, and now there is an effective method of providing information to motorists using the concept of Intelligent Transport Systems(ITS).
ITS can provide traffic and weather information in real-time through their smartphones and information screens in a highway rest areas.
Weathernews is planning and providing content for reliably getting drivers to their destinations with information responding to regional characteristics on multiple devices.

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Stand by Decision Support Service

Highway road managers muster teams in order to prevent accidents. These form the details of critical decisions on the scale of the road management operation and timing. Response team decisions are required in order for countermeasures against heavy rain, snow and icing in particular. Weathernews works together with road management, studying the standard responses to regional weather characteristics, and supporting the highway management’s decision-making through observation forecasting looking at changes in the weather.

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Service 2

Advanced Driver Safety Support Service

Drivers assume safe roads free of traffic congestion. However, in recent years there have also been rapid changes in climatological patterns. Weathernews independently monitors for sudden changes in weather conditions in the short term, and provides information that takes into consideration the dangers and risks to drivers in a way that is easy to understand.

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